Welcome to the Lair of Mistress Sunny

Walk towards the brightness, walk towards the light and find yourself in My realm. I am an absolute advocate of Female supremacy and expect to be treated as the Alpha I am.

You have the opportunity to spend time in my presence but I expect your submission, I expect your devotion your obedience and your suffering because that is what truly pleases Me.

Having traveled throughout Scotland and the UK I am currently settled at the Maison de Debauch dungeon in Edinburgh where I am available for sessions most days. Approach politely with respect if you expect to be acknowledged. I am normally quite punctual with replies but repetitive messaging will be met with silence.

Details of the Services I provide can be found on The Experience page and I expect you to have read this fully before making any attempt at approaching The Encounter and arranging a full scale assault on your senses.

You can find my friends and links to My other content to imagine or recollect your time with Mistress Sunny on the Memory page.