Embrace the Experience

The Power is, and always has been, Mine.

If you do not submit willingly I have persuasive methods but ultimately your resistance shall weaken and then you shall eternally be Mine. Putty in the palm of My hand to be controlled and tormented for My amusement alone.

I amuse Myself with My power. My power over you, the power to deliver pleasure, or pain. Be it bound by My ropes or caged to placate your desires because all that matters is My pleasure, My entertainment and for that you shall serve as a mere vessel and be fulfilled in your purpose.

CP, cane, whip, paddle, all please Me as well as CBT, ball stretching. Pain, if it hurts you I most likely enjoy it.

Medical, did I not mention my background as a Psychiatric nurse? A little prostate massage and good pegging can often be prescribed as well as sounding and needle play.

Bondage, Edging, yes I can torment you in many ways, including ways you've not thought of. It takes bravery to submit, or is it something else.

And so to Worship

After I am spent with my effort at your education I expect to be thanked.

I am your superior and no matter if your back still burns with the kisses from, My whip, your balls still ache or you strain helplessly against your confinement in the presence of my sex, you shall thank Me, properly.

It relaxes Me looking down at a submissive worshipping my feet. A relaxed Mistress is a kinder Mistress, sometimes.

And so to Buttons

Click the button below and arrange your time with Me. In order for things to go well you must be frank and honest in your enquiry. If you tell me about your buttons then maybe I might press a few, but only if you've earned it.

I don't do Scat, Roman showers, that type of stuff but anything else on your mind will likely find me receptive. Variety is the spice of life so do not fear to be 'different'

I am comfortable with male, female and non-binary clients.

Respect, Polite, Patient.