I am to be worshiped, that is your place. words are meaningless , deeds are what matter. I expect demonstration of your loyalty and devotion and keeping my slaves in chastity is one of my particular pleasures. It is a game i enjoy playing, my collectables you might say.

If you submit I shall enjoy holding your key, thinking of your torment. Then, when we meet offer a Faustian arrangement for your potential release. If you are unable to visit me personally Skype arrangements can be made.

Individual Keyholding arrangements are made and you shall be expected to submit evidence/verification within prescribed short-notice inspections. Failure results in penance, at Mistress's discretion.

Payment needn't always be in pain, pleasuring Mistress can also lead to unlocking Her compassionate side but the road to this discovery is long and arduous. For a long time you will learn that pleasuring Mistress is to suffer pain for Her

I am therefore much more interested in regular, committed patrons who will play my games in return for playing theirs. As long as you understand, there is ever only one winner.

I shall be adding a public Chastity gallery here in the near future. Contact me to arrange an Encounter if you are interested in your own chastity arrangement with Me.